A three step process to a Stress-Free Life

TREmble believes that body oriented approaches are the most effective ways to overcome trauma and stress disorders.

Get on the road to recovery with TREmble.

This is how it works:
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    Prepare your body

    You will be guided through a series of exercises that target your psoas muscles- a place in the body where fear lives, the same muscle that contracts when you are in the fetal position.

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    Shake it Off

    Safely allow a discharge of excess energy from your nervous system. This is a natural, intelligent, and organic reaction that all mammals use to unwind from a stressful event.

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    Experience a deep state of relaxation while your nervous system reaches homeostasis. Not only will you feel more at ease, but also you will become more resilient to future stressors.

Remote Sessions

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TREmble is convenient and accessible; you can have a session any time any-where. Chat through our HIPPA Compliant Telehealth portal.

Our therapists focus on healing the nervous system through our awareness of evolutionary, biological responses to stress. All clients report feeling more relaxed and happier after a single session.


Tailored to your needs

Private Session

Learn TRE through a one-on-one session with Spencer Stein. Private sessions create a space for a deep trauma healing experience that is personalized to you and your nervous system.

$15075 minutes

Introductory Workshop

Learn TRE as part of group taught by Spencer Stein. Experience deep relaxation and get inspired to live a more grounded life. This is a more affordable option for those who want to learn the practice and theory of Trauma Releasing Exercises.

$3575 minutes

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