Free yourself from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration
With the simple method of TRE®, Trauma Releasing Exercises
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Reset Me with TRE®

Watch a navy seal biohack his nervous system with this unusual, get highly effective neurogenic tremoring technique .

Disclaimer: Powerful emotions will be released during this process, and might be difficult for some people to watch.

Clinical psychology Is being Revolutionized.

People of all ages, races, genders, religions, and social groups are using somatic based methods to heal, transform, and live richer lives. Whether you have had a big shock or trauma, or simply have day to day stress, TREmble is here for you.

Join a private or group class and let go of your trauma once and for all by discharging excess energy from your nervous system.

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“Although humans rarely die from trauma, if we do not resolve it, our lives can be severely diminished by its effects. Some people have even described this situation as a “living death.”
 ― Peter A. Levine,

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